‘I’ve come to firmly resolved that NDC is a trusted party, my followers come join me here’ — 2016 Jomoro PPP PC defects to NDC

The 2016 Parliamentary Candidate for the Progressive People’s Party (PPP) in Jomoro Constituency of the Western Region, Mr. Mathieu Kwao Bentho has defected to the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC).

Announcing his defection over the weekend at a press conference at Elubo, Mr Mathieu Kwao Bentho stated that the NDC remains now the best political party in Ghana.

He also added that as compared to the NPP, the NDC had done more development than the NPP and also has the development of Ghana at heart hence his decision to join the party (NDC).

“As the 2016 Parliamentary Candidate (PC), Progressive People’s Party (PPP) and with my sixteen (16) years experience in active and behind the scenes in politics, I have come to firmly resolved that, it is the National Democratic Congress Party (NDC) that can be trusted with the destiny and the development of this beautiful country, Ghana, hence my decision to defect and join the national democratic party”, he said.

He used the opportunity to emphasize that he was not joining the NDC to compete or fight for any position in the party but just to be an ordinary member to support the party to recapture in 2024.

“I wish to emphatically state that my decision to defect and join the NDC is not to compete in any position but serve the party as an ordinary new party member as any other faithful member will serve”, he pledged.

He also pledged to support the NDC’s Member of Parliament (MP) for Jomoro, Madam Dorcas Afo-Toffey to succeed.

“Let me also state it clear that I don’t have any ambition to contest as a Parliamentary Candidate so nobody should think that I have joined the NDC for any contest any one including the Hon MP, Madam Dorcas Afo-Toffey in Jomoro”, he emphasized.

He added that, “As the common adage goes, I have carried the PPP, the NPP and the NDC and I have come to know which party cares and I have settled with the NDC. The love is deep and the NDC is caring.”

Mr. Kwao Bentho who was the PPP Western Regional Second Vice Chairman in 2012 advised the youth of Jomoro, Ellembelle, Evalue Ajomoro-Gwira and Ghana at large that if they wish to secure their future, the NDC should be their choice not the NPP.

“My uncle Peter Nwawan was the first parliamentary candidate in jomoro constituency for the NPP and He led all to join the NPP though we belonged to the NDC before I became the PPP Parliamentary Candidate in 2016. As the adage goes, I have carried the NDC, the NPP and the PPP and I know which is heavy. I have come to conclude after sixteen (16) years of experience in active and behind scene politics that the NPP can never be trusted with what they say or promise,” he stressed.

He, therefore, called on his followers who voted for him in 2016 to join him in NDC to help former President John Mahama win the 2024 general elections and Hon. Dorcas Afo-Toffey to rescue Ghana from collapsing.

“The Akufo-Addo government with mouthwatering promises ascended to power but the result is clear incompetence. Today you can’t buy anything, everything has increased, prices of goods and services have all skyrocketed, the youth of this country are not getting work to do and most have lost total hope in the NPP and its government.

“I therefore wish to use this medium to call on my followers who voted for me in the 2016 general elections to join me in NDC to campaign and vote massively for His Excellency John Dramani Mahama to become president to rescue the country”, and the NDC’s Members of Parliament, Hon Dorcas Afo-Toffey in Jomoro, Hon Armah Kofi Buah in Ellembele and Hon Kofi Nokoe (KAN) in Evalue Ajomoro-Gwira constituencies to retain their parliamentary seats come 2024 to help develop our Nzemaland and Ghana at large,” he emphasised.

Moreover, the leadership of the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) in the area has welcomed him to the party and promised to work tirelessly with him to maintain the Jomoro Parliamentary seat and recapture the presidential seat for John Mahama in 2024.

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