The NDC Pro-forum North America deems the latest expose on the National Cathedral as a national concern and therefore calling for a full parliamentary probe. The Forum believe that the cathedral is of national concern since it’s being funded by the taxpayer.

The Pro-forum North America applauds the Honourable MP for North Tongu Okudzeto Ablakwa for a job well done for exposing the alleged rot going on with the management of the establishment and being consistent with it in the interests of the public.

We implore parliament to invite Rev, Kusi Boateng to come and explain the documents that has been exposed and his position on the matter and then after we believe that the CID must equally come in and pick it up from there; that is if the findings prove that some fraudulent activities have gone on.

It is great to say that going to CHRAJ is appropriate but what Pro-Forum is calling for is a parliamentary probe. The NDC caucus must use its influence in parliament to call for a full probe into this particular matter live on camera so that Ghanaians would know what has really transpired. Leaving it for CHRAJ may have certain influences from the executive. But with parliament one can believe that the Honourable Speaker would consider the interest of the people and give it the attention it deserves.



Arnold Appiah


+1 805 871 9281


The NDC Professionals Forum – USA is compelled to ridicule the so called transformational agenda by Mr. Alan Kyeremanteng as shallow, lacks substance and nothing tangible. Per a review of the speech delivered by the former trade minister, he did not come out as someone who has thoroughly researched the challenges of our country to understand the right remedies to fix the country.

Mr. Alan Kyeremanteng appeared confused as in one breath claiming the Nana Addo administration has laid a strong foundation for the socio-economic development of our country and at the same time alluding to the fact that “akyea enso embu y3. To wit, the country is broken into pieces, but there is still hope.

Mr. Alan Kyeremanteng has shown that he is not different from Dr. Bawumia and President Nana Addo. Indeed, Mr. Kyeremanteng is a member of the economic management team who has run down the economy of Ghana. Inflation is all time high, unemployment is high, cost of living is high, interest rates is high and the cost of doing business is at all-time high. The cedi depreciation against the dollar is enough to tell the state of our economy.

Mr. Kyeremanteng must know that the good people of Ghana knew that the economy had suffered massive shocks due to mismanagement by the economic management team before Covid. The excuse of Covid and the war between Russia and Ukraine is flimsy and untenable. Ghana derives its major revenues from the sale of her raw materials. Therefore, we must interrogate how much did Ghana lose during Covid. Did the price of gold, cocoa, oil and other commodities go down and how bad did it affect the economy in terms of cost? Also, Mr. Alan Kyeremanteng must explain the over a billion dollars Ghana earned through Covid for the purposes of accountability. Ghanaians are still in the dark on how the funds were spent.

Mr. Alan Kyeremanteng acknowledged and posited that Ghana has gone to IMF 17 times and promised not to go back again. What’s fascinating is his claim that “One of the lessons learnt from the recent developments is that Ghana’s economy is still fragile, vulnerable and susceptible to both external and domestic shocks”. This is an old public knowledge and for someone who has been in government before, under Ex-President Kuffour, one would have thought he would have learnt all these lessons and proffered the necessary solutions under Nana Addo.

PROFORUM USA want to remind Mr. Kyeremanteng that all the policies touted by his NPP government have all failed. Absolutely none of them worked or achieved anything significant. It’s been a waste of time and resources under his NPP government.

Institutional transformation is key to the progress of our country but unfortunately, Mr. Alan Kyeremanteng does not have the credentials to be able to make it happen. PROFORUM USA wish to assure the good people of Ghana that a more detailed interrogation of the speech will be done to expose the hypocrisy, incompetence and cluelessness of Mr. Alan Kyeremanteng and his GTP rhetoric.



Arnold Appiah


+1 805 871 9281


The NDC Professionals Forum (Pro-Forum) wish to congratulate all members of the National Executives of the National Democratic Congress on their hard won and well deserved electoral victories.

We place on record our appreciation for the Alex Sebgefia-led Planning Committee for organizing one of the best National Congresses of the NDC. The whole process was very peaceful, democratic and beautiful as witnessed by the whole world.

We further congratulate the Ghana Police Service and the Electoral Commission of Ghana for their great sense of professionalism that ensured a successful Congress.

To all delegates we say may God continue to bless and protect you for your loyalty and endurance.

It has been three days after the Congress, and there has not been any reported incidence so we thank all drivers for driving our Delegates back to their homes peacefully.

Whilst congratulating those who found favour with the delegates, we wish to encourage those who were just not lucky and wish them better luck next time

The Professionals Forum is equally pleased and grateful to the NDC Congress for approving our Application for Affiliation.

On our part, the NDC Professionals Forum (Pro-Forum) pledges our full unalloyed support for the Party. We will continue to serve the Party with our diversified expertise, rich experiences, and resources until the Party gains political power to offer Ghanaians a people centered transparent and accountable government.



Amb. Sam Pee Yalley



How NDC USA Leadership is trying to Block Voters from the Ballot Box

As we all know and have experienced in the past, it is sensible, ethical and morally right to make the voting process as easy and accessible to the voting population as possible. Anything contrary to this simple universal rule is purely voter suppression. And this creates unnecessary barrier for people to exercise their voting rights. Conniving to move the voting venue from the people severely compromises democracy. Democracy works best when all eligible voters can participate and have their voices heard.

NDC USA general election is about a month away and all signs are pointing to the fact that if the Functional Executive Committee (FEC) of the NDC does not put in place proactive measures, the NDC USA Chapter will soon be plunged into division, which has been its perennial problem.

I wish to express my utmost disappointment with the approach of our upcoming elections by chapter leadership. As an active member of NDC USA and a stakeholder to that effect, I have been following keenly with rapt attention on the development leading to our upcoming elections. It lacks transparency, consistency, fairness and credibility.

My biggest challenge at the moment has to do with the hosting of the event. NDC New York met and discussed the possibility of hosting the event in unison and with excitement after the chapter leadership opened a tender for all branches to bid.

Following the announcement of an open tender for all branches to bid with the hope of hosting the upcoming 2022 elections, New York branch expressed interest, followed the laid down process and placed a bid. Surprisingly, our chapter leadership has issued nullification of a won bid by New York branch.

The fact is that in the past, the chapter practiced the delegate system that allowed every branch to elect 3 delegates to its elections conference to elect members of the national executive council. This system allowed branches to bid to host the election conference. The delegate conference system did not require the entire membership to congregate at a single location to exercise their franchise. They indirectly voted through their elected delegates. This system saved members the trouble of having to travel far with its attendant inconveniences as well as avoid the huge cost involved. However, the system was fraught with numerous challenges. One of the problems was that incumbents could create new branches whenever elections were upcoming to maximize the number of delegates to their advantage. Another problem was that large branches were poorly represented.

Due to the challenges of the delegate conference system, one-man-one vote system was introduced to replace the anachronistic system. Under the new system, the national executive members of the NDC USA Chapter were to be elected by the entire membership. This means that all members were to converge at a single location to exercise their franchise. The Chapter held its last conference in Atlanta, Georgia, which is in the Southeastern part of the United States.  In the elections, whose outcome produced the current executive council, only few members were able to attend because of the distance of the venue. There was therefore, the suggestion that the subsequent conferences should take place in areas accessible to majority of the members.

On the contrary, the current NDC USA leadership are hell bent on stationing the election conference at sparsely NDC members populated states like Illinois, Ohio, or Texas, which are proximate to supporters of them, but not accessible to 80% of the registered members in the East Coast of the US where her main contender hail form.  As a subterfuge to disenfranchise majority of NDC members in branches such as that of New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Pennsylvania, there is perceived to be a plan to take the conference to either Texas, Ohio or Illinoi. If this is achieved, those from flying distance numbering approximately over 700 members will be disenfranchised.

The current machinations and the desperado seem to suggest that that popularity within the rank and file of NDC USA current leadership has waned. They are therefore afraid that if the election conference is held in New York city they cannot retain their positions because majority will participate. Therefore, every effort is being made to cancel the result of a bid to host the election conference, they supervised, which New York won. Whiles the New York’s branch Chairman and his executives are already preparing to host the conference, there is every indication that NDC USA leadership is lobbying Accra to cancel the June 30 bid results because it did not go their way and then use executive power to station it in Texas or Chicago and cause the disenfranchisement of 80% of the members who cannot fly to these locations from the East Coast. This attitude and subterfuge have caused “war clouds” to start gathering especially in the North East.

It will therefore be expedient for the National leadership of the NDC, especially our Venerable Hon. Alex Segbefia, the Director of IRD of the NDC to take charge of the election of executives in the US and use his wisdom and sense of fairness to avert any potential division and infighting. He should avoid any decision that denies New York City the chance to host the upcoming elections.

Justice delayed, is justice denied

Long live the NDC

Thank you.

Comrade Sam Ansah

Former Secretary, NDC New York Branch