NDC Proforum – NA demands explanations from EC’s IT experts; not Jean Mensa

President of NDC Proforum North America Arnold Appiah is calling for urgent answers from the Head of IT at the Electoral Commission to explain to Ghanaians the technical reasons that has caused the flaws in the on-going voter registration exercise.

According to Mr. Appiah who is also a Systems Administrator in the United States, the various explanations coined by the EC Chair Jean Mensa and some of her commissioners are insubstantial and points to a grand manipulation of the IT setup of the electoral management body to favour the ruling NPP.

Ghana’s Electoral Commission has admitted to some errors such as duplication of identification numbers, photographs, missing names among others in the on-going exhibition. The EC subsequently extended the process by two days to correct the mistakes which the electoral management body says are human errors since they are operated by human beings who make mistakes.

But Mr. Appiah disagrees with the EC explanations while making his point on the NDC Proforum Hour on Radio Gold Live on Sunday. He told the host Sena Nombon that the supposed challenges of the on-going exercise should be approached from a technical standpoint.

“We don’t need Jean Mensa now, we the head of IT at the EC, whoever is advising EC to be making such flaws; we need that person to come and explain to us why this thing happened. What were the measures put in place…how come they couldn’t foresee this basic errors…and what is the guarantee,  what mechanisms are you putting in place to ensure that in December 7, we would not have a conflicted system. We need to ask the technical questions and here, it is the head of IT that we need to question”.

Advise to the NDC

Mr. Appiah further advised the NDC not to make any move unless the party is satisfied with all the technical answers before they can make progress. According to the President of the Proforum North America, the NDC has been compromised and should not attempt a stance of ‘fama nyame’for even a micro of a vote, since that technically knocks them off victory in the upcoming general elections. “This register will not serve our purpose, this register is flawed, this register has been and is being manipulated; this register gives total control to the NPP”; he fumed.

Credit: Apt News Ghana

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