The leadership and entire membership of the NDC Proforum-N.A. wishes to by this statement congratulate our mother Party the National Democratic Congress, for a successful launch of “The People’s Manifesto”.  We endorse the document as the true reflection and representation of the prevailing situation of the average Ghanaian, and their aspirations. The Manifesto offers rays of hope from our leader H.E. John Mahama for the country in various sectors of the economy.

The NDC Proforum-N.A. is impressed by the final output of the listening tour to the nooks and crannies across the country, and the input sought from experts in diverse fields. We further thank all those who contributed to make it possible; and wish to assure Ghanaians that what was presented in the spectacular ceremony will be operationalized to salvage the Ghanaian economy from the ‘looting brigade’ established by the Nana Akufo-Addo administration.

As Ghanaian professionals in the diaspora we are committed to support the John Mahama vision. Ghana needs a visionary government with leaders who understand the socio-economic trends and can place premium on human capital development in a world of works.

The People’s Manifesto gives renewed confidence in a ‘John & Jane’ government, certainly from January 2021 to lead an inclusive national transformation program which focuses on implementation of the policies outlined in the Manifesto. Policies and programs for improving the quality of life of every Ghanaian. More specifically an impactful primary health care delivery, and an innovative push for jobs through infrastructural development and complementary social safety nets.

The NDC Proforum-N.A. once again calls for sustained support from every Ghanaian for the John & Jane ticket to make the People’s Manifesto a reality. It is a people’s revolution to instill hope even in a generation yet unborn.

In a tried and tested pair of John and Jane, and the track record they bring along, Ghana is sure of remarkable transformation that can be meaningful to the ordinary person. It will be a departure from the current establishment. A governance where fear rather than hope, exclusion rather than inclusion, have become the norm. In introspection, posterity has become the judgment of the day, and posterity will remain the judgment as we travel into the near future.

As we pray for a blessed homeland Ghana, a call to duty has been extended to Ghanaians through a People’s Manifesto – a Manifesto that manifests the aspirations, ambitions, and fundamentals that will make life worth living in the midst of opportunities that cannot be squandered.


Thank you!


Arnold Appiah


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