Prepare to call elections; only Jesus will get “This EC” to declare for you – Arnold Appiah to NDC

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President of NDC Pro-Forum North America is convinced the only way the opposition party can win the 2020 election is by putting in place a strong, full proof, efficient collation system.

He told Sena Nombo on the Pro-Forum Hour the NDC cannot rely on the Electoral Commission to do an impartial job.

Commenting on the just ended voter registration exercise, Arnold Appiah said the targeting of NDC strongholds during the exercise should be a wakeup call to the NDC to take their “own EC” to the 2020 General elections.

He does not believe the EC would on its own call the elections for the NDC unless forces the hands of the election management body.

The NDC Pro-Forum North America President says the cards are stuck against the NDC.

He said not even the judiciary can help the NDC if it fails to be its own electoral commission.

Arnold Appiah however believes the NDC is not in the mood to go to court but rather confront whatever impediments the ruling NPP will place in its way.

He said the NDC should anticipate an “Ayawaso Part 2.”

Arnold Appiah said the NPP would deploy soldiers and its militants to NDC strongholds to create chaos and intimidate people from coming out to vote.

Story by: Sena Nombo/

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