The NDC Professional Forum has learnt with shock and dismay, video, and audio recordings in which Mr. Kennedy Agyepong is heard in an open declaration that he will silence the National Communications Officer of the National Democratic Congress, Lawyer Sammy Gyamfi.

Ordinarily, such talks should have been ignored as coming from a self-overrated Ghanaian seeking attention at any given time and any issue which has no bearing to his job as a member of Ghana’s Internationally respected Parliament.

It is our considered view that as a Member of Parliament Mr. Kennedy Agyapong ought to first and foremost respect the constitutional and human rights of Mr. Sammy Gyamfi to his right to his opinion and how he expresses same.

Even though he may be opposed to ideas and manner of communication by Mr. Sammy Gyamfi, Mr. Kennedy Agyapong has a sacred duty to protect the inalienable rights of Mr. Gyamfi to express his political opinion however he expresses them. This is especially so, when he, Mr. Agyapong is the best known vulgar and abusive communicator in contemporary Ghana.

Besides his regular rants and boast of his wealth, Mr. Kennedy Agyapong is unparalleled when it comes to verbal abuse and issuance of threat to many Ghanaians and institutions including the Clergy, the Police, and top Military Officers.

As fellow Ghanaians, we should have ignored this unwarranted attacks and threats to Mr. Sammy Gyamfi. However, coming on the heels of the unexplained murders of Hon. J.B Daquah a colleague member of Parliament and the bizarre connections to some  names mentioned by the key suspect, as well as to the brutal murder of Mr. Ahmed Suale, we the members of the Professionals Forum have been compelled to issue this Press Statement condemning the unguarded but loaded live threatening declaration against the life and wellbeing of the person of MR  SAMMY GYAMFI.

What Kennedy Agyapong failed to realise is that Mr. Sammy Gyamfi, has not made any personal statement because of which he should be threatened with being silenced in three minutes. Kennedy Agyepong must realise that in his capacity as the National Communications Director, he communicates the views of the over four million Ghanaians who are members of the NDC and so any attack of any kind on him is an attack on the entire NDC family including its professionals.

We are by this Press Statement calling on the President to take immediate steps to bring Mr. Kennedy Agyapong to order, and publicly denounce his utterances, or be deemed as his fully endorsing the unreasonable attacks on all other Ghanaians by this self- styled national citizen police and moral authority who has the right to issue such unguarded but felonious threats on defenseless Ghanaians like Sammy Gyamfi.

We are by this Press Statement calling on the Rt. Hon Speaker of Parliament to invoke inherent authority that ensures the good conduct of all members of Parliament both in the chamber and outside the Chambers of Parliament

We in the NDC Professionals Forum wish to assure our teaming supporters to remain calm in the face of such troublesome declaration on the lives of our key members. We want to assure Comrade Sammy Gyamfi and all our members that we in the NDC Professionals Forum will be left with no options, should the state fail to call Kennedy Agyapong to order, we will take lawful steps under the 1992 Constitution to defend the person and office of Mr. Sammy Gyamfi and all other Members  of the NDC no matter what it takes.

The NDC Professionals Forum is registered under the laws of Ghana with its membership being made up of Lawyers, Doctors, Engineers, Pharmacist, Bankers, Accountants, the Academia and other recognised professionals in Ghana and abroad.



National President


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