My dear comrades, the time is nigh for us to put our commitment into action by contributing more ideas and resources to the ‘John & Jane’ campaign. This is the time to let our voices be heard and demonstrate the love for our flagbearer and running mate.

The acceptability of a political party depends on how it articulates its ideas and programmes. The Professionals Forum was actively involved in writing the NDC Manifesto for election 2020. As Professionals we have communicators, lawyers, engineers, doctors, just to mention but a few, who are networking to bring various dimensions to issues to make it more understandable.

Our mother party the NDC does not believe that everything must be about profit, which would be to the benefit of a few; even if there was profit it must be shared equally among the people. Government alone cannot do all and there is the need to support to move the country to a level that would make her the gateway of Africa.

As politicians we are not in a race. All that we are doing is to better the lot of this country, by making the people to understand the policies. All we are saying is that we have a better ideology as social democrats while our opponent says it has a better ideology as capitalists.

However, there are so many issues that are being politicised, which are not political at all. Our Vice-President in waiting, Prof. Jane Naana Opoku-Agyemang – a member of the Proforum amplified our ideology in her maiden unifying speech to the nation. She has proved an apt choice to partner President John Dramani Mahama supervise Ghana’s economic recovery which focuses on the implementation of policies expected to improve the quality of life of every Ghanaian particularly our labour force to stimulate economic growth.
I therefore, implore all professionals to rekindle their spirits and hit the DONATE button and contribute the wherewithal to give the much-needed boost to the ‘John Mahama 2020’ campaign.

All hands, on deck…for victory 2020